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selnor said:
1337 Gamer said:
ps3_jrpg_gamer said:
yes endeed but VERSUS 13 will have better if it
won 't release on 360 also and they have to downgrade the graphics

Was it really necessary to bring up the "square enix downgraded FFXIII graphics because of the 360" argument in here? This thread was not made to discuss which version is superior. Please take your drovel elsewhere

I wonder what would have happened if every 360 owner said something like the following:

If Bayonetta and 90% of 3rd party games weren't released on PS3 then we would have better graphics and a non gimped version.

that logic would only work if 360 exclusives looked better and more consistently than PS3 exclusives.

Also, I don't think the whole "PS3 version of FF13 is worse because of the 360" comments make any sense since it would have been unlikely for SquareEnix to make the game look better on the PS3 after they've finished the japanese version. Also, the only thing that square "gimped" was the resolution on the 360 version, the PS3 had nothing to do with it and vice versa.

Heck, if we're talking about gimping certain games to due to inferior hardware, Alan Wake is the best example. Remedy and Microsoft essentially "gimped" the PC version out of existence.