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I want a 360 FOR Viva. However I am NOT paying 400$ for a console to play 2 games. I bought a 600$ PS3, becuase I know of at least 10 games I want in 2007. At the end of 2007... there are about 5 360 games I would STILL want. With the Wii that could... I make myself laugh. With about 4. However the Wii's price-point, and innovative controls... is why I have one... tho it's gathering dust. (like the 360 if I had one) I use the PS3 for playing PS2 games, DVD, BluRay... every day. I use it to download all the Movie trailers they get, and BluRay trailers... becuase the trailers you can get on the PS3... put anything on the 'net to shame. Full 1080p trailers... are REALLY nice... when you have a 1080p screen. I wont hand this generation to the Wii, because the PS3 is an animal. The 360, is a online circus. I will say I expect the Wii sales to have a MAJOR drop after x-mas 2008. (becuase of it's price point most people who want one, will have one). And the PS3... Will continue to go strong. Because with most people I know's budget... Will take 6 months to buy one. Also. I was at wal-mart earlier today. they had 4. Went by 4 hours later to pick something up... sold all 4 of em'. 1 360 was sold too. and I dont think any Wii's were sold... there werent any when I first went in... and there werent any when I went back in. :P EDIT: Viva isnt really... for children... from what I've seen on Viva... it's kinda... twisted... >.>

PSN ID: Kwaad

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