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Erik Aston said: Problem is, their biggest attempt at this (Viva Pinata) fell flat on its face! The fact that a hyped 1st party game aimed at a different audience failed commercially is going to kill what chance there was of third party games aimed at different audiences. Maybe Banjo can change that... And maybe XBLA can (if it can start getting a more steady content stream...) But so far I think they may have scared developers away from broader programming...
I wouldn't consider Pinata a "mainstream" game - to me its obviously targetted at the childrens market. Look at the stuff that has done really well on the PS2 recently - Singstar, Buzz, Eyetoy - now that's mainstream. Where is the 360 camera and associated games? MS need to bring a pack out now with the camera, and maybe some fitness or Wii Sports style games. Trying so hard to captute the hardcore gaming market - forgetting about everyone else. My GF's mother, sister and friend were here last night - just to play Wii Sports. There isn't a single game on the 360 (or the PS3) that would even slightly interest them (or get a glance).

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