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Funny thing is that the 360 has barely beat its first year this year as well and outside of the US it really is a failure. The US market is fixated on the FPS and that is truly the only reason the 360 has sold here as well. All I hear is how many great games the 360 has but really I only own a few games for it due to the fact I got bored of FPS back with halo 2 and doom 3 ETC... It really is dissapointing that so many FPS's sell as well as they do then truly great games like Bioshock/Dead Rising/and soon to be Mass Effect struggle to make it to 1 mil (Which still currently none that I listed eclipsed the 1 mil mark in US). These are all exclusives that really should have sold extremely well IMO. I know this is only my opinion on what games are good and what games are just from the same old tired genre but I am allowed to voice my opinion :). With over 9 million units sold in the US these numbers should be much higher. By the way if you havent played Mass Effect buy it so far it is the 2nd best game on the 360 IMO.

PS3(60GB)/360(Elite)/Wii/SNES/Ultimate Gaming PC owner :)