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Lets think about this for a moment. Why do we care which console is selling better at all? For one reason and one reason only....the console with the highest userbase is far more likely to get exclusive games.

Therefore, it does not matter if Sony didn't launch when they said they would in Europe, it does not matter if the PS3 sold well "for it's price" and it does not matter if Sony's console sold well "given a lack of system-sellers." At the end of the day all that matters is what number of consoles is sold, because that is what publishers will look at when they are looking at development costs and fielding requests from Sony and Microsoft for exclusive games.

If you really want to start saying things like, "bu-bu-but Sony is doing GREAT cause the PS3 is SO ex-ex-expensive," then we should also look at where Sony SHOULD be. 70% of the market last generation and now they are being beaten by the company that lost billions of dollars last time round......Sony SHOULD already have nailed the Xbox 360 to the wall.

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