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Grimes said:
Casuals are the people who keep systems alive. Look at all the best selling games late in the PS2's life. Many of them are casual games such as Guitar Hero and Singstar. Why do casual gamers keep the system alive so long? Casual gamers care least about graphics and system power.

The PS3 lost the casual gamers this generation. I don't them regaining those customers with the PS3 at this point. The PS2 never had to regain the casual gamer.

that's the point there is more market's that these product's are in than there was before previous generation's. thus they increase their market share.

look at Nintendo this generation the Wii has more people in the age group of say 50 year old gamer's than the PS3 or xbox360 would you say that about right?

thus it's just not about lumping the "casual market as just one whole group of gamer's" there is many type['s of gamer's, tand there may be more gamer's of those say 50 year old's that may like movies more than game's so the fact that the PS3 has a Blu-Ray player may be more inline for that 50+ year old to buy a PS3 also beside's a Wii.

lumping every gamer together is kind of short sighted in my opinion because every gamer is not the same.


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