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Legend11 said:
joeorc said:
Legend11 said:

Looking at years 9 and 10 of the PS2 I'm guessing PS3 will sell less than 10 million consoles total in years 9 and 10 of its life (since it's been tracking less than PS2 so far). So it would have to sell ~60 million consoles in 4 years or in other words it'll have to do Wii like numbers to make it.

how many countries was the PS2 released into durring it's life cycle?

the fact that the PS3 and the PSP and the PS2 have been released into more countries world wide today than they were previous tell's you that there is more growth there.

28 countries world wide, now its 36 countries world wide that sony is releasing the playstation brand into


Have you taken into account Sony's competitors (especially the Wii) which are taking a bigger slice out of the markets the PS2 was released in?  Also many of the newer markets are either second and third world ones, or because of neglect have a tradition of piracy, so Sony's competitors have the advantage of being lower priced and piracy on their side.

I really don't see how these new countries will compensate for the amount of marketshare that Sony has lost in the much larger and more mature existing ones.

yes I have there is room for all thres system's as long as they keep selling!

, lol have you seen the piracy protection of the PS3?, for one

And that help's developer's How?

Mature and Existing one's? just because the countries are classed as 3rd world does not mean there is going to be so little growth there that it would not matter?

if that was the case why release there?

so releaseing in 8 more market's is of little value?, that like saying the release of xboxlive does not have value to release there when broadband is being put in to more countries world wide to keep more people connected, there is a big segment of advancement since the year 2000. today the landscape is noway near the same

look at china's market purchase of OIL now than it was 8 year's ago?

it's not static, that is why going to more countries market's even if you start at 1% that's still one % more than you had. ESP if your there before any other system is also on the market there also. the xbox360 is in 21 countries world wide, and xboxlive is supported in 26 that includes the first xbox. so do you think Microsoft is happy that Sony is in 36 countries world wide. or that nintendo is in 38 where as Microsoft is in 21.

it's more important than you may be thinking, at least I think it is because Sony and Nintendo are investing into those other countries to get their product into the market's there.


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