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stof said: Now for the poor box of X, 62 weeks in, the little box that couldn't has mustered 345,500 in sales. It's predecessor had 394,250 at this point in the game. How can the 360 be selling worse than the first X-box you ask? Well it all seems to be about the launch, with the xbox having 176 thousand after its first month and the 360 having only 86 thousand.
Yes, I think a lot of people have missed this fact. And I'll be interested to see the figures - but I suspect its the same worldwide. This is the big challenge for MS from here - Xbox launched 3rd, and was obviously the most powerful console. The 360 now has competition - and may be squeezed the same way the GC was. Its less powerful than the PS3, and less innovative than the Wii. I can't see them falling over completely - but they needed to target more "mainstream" users - rather than the same people who got the original xbox. I can see the 360 & PS3 doing a lot of damage to each others (sales), with the Wii on its own. I dont think MS would really mind this - they are not worried by Nintendo, but are worried by Sony. Their aim for this generation may be to do as much damage to the Playstation brand as possible.

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