Videogirl said:
theprof00 said:
getrdone said:
Sony shipped 33.5 million ps3 at the end of Dec. 09, and the ps3 is at 31.65 right now. So almost 2 million ps3 available. I think its funny that my brother went to 15 stores and all the stores were sold out of ps3 so my brother just ordered one off of amazon.

there could be a very good reason why those two facts could co-exist.


Like demand exceeding actual manufactured products ?

Anyway it seems that the shortage will last for a while , but hey Sony could always use some of those 3 million PS3 sitting on the shelves to suplly NA stores.

could be a lot of reasons. It could be that some retailers have a huge amount of stock. It could be a revision with new hardware. It could be a price drop coming up. It could be a stockpiling to deal with the next 2 months of huge game releases. It could be that sony is counting units sold to the airforce or other institution. It really can be anything.