I am a proud owner of a NEVER hacked psp

2010 Hardware Sales Predictions

Wii: 20m- Sales will drop, but not by much.

PS3: 13.5m- It sold 12m in 2009, its only common sense it will sell more this year.

Xbox 360: 11m- It sold 11m in 2008 and 2009, I think it will sell the same.

My Fanboy Speech...

Why do you have to make excuses to defend a product that you purchased, but that's the only connection you have to it, you don't make it, you don't lose or gain money on it. I don't see where all of the defensiveness comes in, there is no reason for you or anybody else to feel obligated to defend it. Now I would understand if one of you were a developer for the product and you slaved over said product only to hear somebody call it stupid or a piece of junk. But none of you developed it, none of you are mature enough to realize that. Choosing a product all comes down to preference, you chose said product because it is best for you. Simple as that!