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nordlead said:
arsenicazure said:
Could be many things.. Might make sense to visit the doc. I remember having those back in the day and i had a severe eye infection and astigmatism.

Better safe than sorry right.

My father had blury vision and it turned out he had diabetes. Not saying that is the case here, just pointint out that ignoring it can be fatal. Honestly if you have major vision problems (like you are claiming right now) you should go get checked out by an eye doctor.

Besides, you really can't game or watch too much TV. I've done 24hr gaming sessions before (and I'm sure others have done longer) with no vision problems other than tired eyes. Now, maybe if you'd claimed you've gone a week on 2hrs of sleep per night, then I'd just tell you to get good sleep.

I went to the doctors, i did a blood test because my gran' dad has diabetes so hes ordered a blood test to be safe. didn't get the results yet though because my appointment was changed many various times.

And trust me... i've played ALOT of games the past few months, even more so recently with WKC, BS2, SO2, and coming up SO4 etc...

Basicly my doc went on vacation on me and hes gone for a month... im considering urgent care but im known as somewhat of a.. "Hypochondriac" there so...

I dunno' all i know is the double vision has gotten so bad now that even squinting isn't as effective as it use to be. the muscles around my eyes always hurt to... due to strain i assume.

And i refuse to use my glasses, even if it makes my sight 100% clear, because i here it jus' makes things worse... damn greedy eye doctors.