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Seraphic_Sixaxis said:
puffy said:
I'd say eye drops would help, most eye related irritation is actually due to a lack of blinking which is caused by staring at a screen for a long period of time. The lack of blinking causes moisture levels to drop so your eyes become irritated.

Other than that, because you have actual blurred vision, I'd say that sleep should fix it. I'd also suggest not sitting as far away/close to the screen (which ever is appropriate) again and don't game for as long as you did to cause the strain. The lighting in the room could also be a possible thing to look at changing.

Ah thanks sir, and i make sure the light in my room is as bright as possible.

and i've been diagnosed with myopia due to, too much close-to-the TV gaming back in the SNES and PS1 days.

It goes away when i use my glasses, but i hear using your glasses actually makes it worse, is this true?

There is some truth to the notion that wearing glasses can cause worsening of your myopia ( but simply playing games or reading up close isn't the cause of myopia. Your genetics also play a part and so you obviously have had myopia passed on to you which you switched on with your game playing. Also your eyes continue to develop and change until you reach about 21ish at which point, your eyes shouldn't get any worse in terms of myopia (at least not for a long time) 

I have myopia also, I wear contact lenses myself because I find them far more comfortable and far less intrusive than glasses and find that my peripheral vision is also far better than with glasses.