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Hey guys not been on in some time, but had to come here to get my question answered.  i read this on another site and wanted to kill someone but came here to get the truth so this may be a repost but i was unable to find anything in the sony section.   Sorry if this is a repost please link to older thread if you can.


Thinks in advance



(buzzed up! January 15 3:14 P.M. Gran Turismo 5 is one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2010...and now the most recently delayed. According to The Times Online, Sony has announced that the game's March release date for Japan has been pushed back indefinitely, citing "circumstances." While this announcement doesn't technically translate to a delay for the North American and European versions of the game, those versions have never had concrete release dates to push back. Rather, it was assumed that if the game arrived in Japan in March, then the European and North American versions would arrive in the summer. But this delay throws all of that by the roadside; since there is no telling when the game might arrive in Japan, its European and North American launches are entirely up in the air. That could prove costly to Sony. Gran Turismo 5 has already taken five years and $60 million to develop. Sony had been seriously promoting the title over the last five months, first announcing the Japanese March 2010 release date in September, then releasing an online demo in December, and even exhibiting the game in 3D last week at the 2010 Computer Electronics Show. Gran Turismo 5 is only the latest of several key game delays. After a delay-filled fall, Take-Two postponed anticipated sequel Max Payne 3 until the third quarter of 2010, and Ubisoft recently pushed back their anticipated spy thriller, Splinter Cell: Conviction, from February 23 to April 1.)

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