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I have RE darkside chronicles its ok so far but i only played the first level funnly side thing "i got girl" lol you got to love capcon and there usages of words! Any way it looks like a fun game i mean come on viewfull joe is in it WHY IS HE IN THAT GAME BUT NOT SMASH!!!!! makes me die inside a bit. Well i am on smash i would love to play any one. I think i am going to changes up how i play i will start as sheik and get say 60-80 ish dmg on some one untill an opturn time and swich to zelda and finnish off the fight with zelda and swich back to sheik once they are dead. I think this will changes up the fight in my favor at the same time zelda is super good at killing at low % and a very nice spike that sadly sheik lacks.

Smash ID: Jski - 0559-6620-9873

Add me if you wish but PM me if you do.