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shizzlee said:
Jski said:
@ shea you realy make me just want to quit sheik alltogeter i love to death playing as sheik but i cant even land a F titl on you right i have no idea why not i hope its lag but it may not be. I just simply cant move or jump right vs you. If it lag please stop having any thing runing on your web but the wii if posable if its not lag i do not know what else it could be may be my wii is messing up or the contorler but all i know is most of the time when i do attk its not the attk i want nor is the timing right at the same time every time i doges its not the right way nor is it at the time i want it to most of the time i will just air doges sudie hell if i hit down most of the time it will happen when i am off the side. I am realy at the end of my rope here.

Lol chill.  You posted this on AIB too XD  If lag affects you that much then that's probably the problem.  Maybe it's because I'm starting to play a better Falco now?  Idk.  I'd suggest sticking with Fox or ZSS.  At least don't give up Zelda since your Zelda is way superior to your Shiek ._.

You realy think my zelda is better then my shiek!? dam my shiek must sux lol. As for zss she is soo crazy hard to play her online i find i am doing her back air way too early or way too late. Your falco gotten a bit better with using his rng attk but other then that it seems about the same that i can tell hmmm. Any way lets play some more!

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