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@ shea you realy make me just want to quit sheik alltogeter i love to death playing as sheik but i cant even land a F titl on you right i have no idea why not i hope its lag but it may not be. I just simply cant move or jump right vs you. If it lag please stop having any thing runing on your web but the wii if posable if its not lag i do not know what else it could be may be my wii is messing up or the contorler but all i know is most of the time when i do attk its not the attk i want nor is the timing right at the same time every time i doges its not the right way nor is it at the time i want it to most of the time i will just air doges sudie hell if i hit down most of the time it will happen when i am off the side. I am realy at the end of my rope here.

Smash ID: Jski - 0559-6620-9873

Add me if you wish but PM me if you do.