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Wiimote/nunchuk controls for Super Smash Bros Brawl

I enjoyed Super Smash Bros. Melee very much, which is why I was quite shocked when the developers announced that the new Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, doesn't work with the great Wiimote/nunchuk combination at all. Many of us who don't have GC controllers (any more) or who haven't spend their money on the classic controllers, will surely give a second thought on buying Brawl, which will probably be at its best as an offline multiplayer game and so requires many controllers. Excluding Wiimote/Nunchuk controls as an option would definately hurt sales.

That's why I've come up with an easy, intuitive and effective Wiimote/nunchuk controls for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I think it would be very good idea to at least make it possible to play the game with Wii's unique controllers.

There would be a cursor next to the character on the screen (1) and it is controlled with Wiimote, enabling full 360 degrees for aiming. The opacity of the cursor could be adjusted and so professional players could use zero opacity if they feel the cursor is unnecessary, as the character itself reflects the direction where the cursor is.

The cursor moves relative to the character, not the battle field, and is set on a track (2) with fixed distance from the character. When Wiimote is being held upwards, the cursor moves to the top of the character and the character looks (and aims) upwards. When the Wiimote is held downwards, the character looks down, when held left, the character looks to the left (3), when held right, it looks to the right etc. The character follows the movement of the cursor smoothly for all the 360 degress it is operational. 

Because the cursor moves relative to the character on a set track, there's no misconceptions about which cursor belongs to which player. It also fits to the style of moving and panning screen of Super Smash Bros. Most important of all, it is a very intuitive and precise control method.

Melee Battle

The cursor is an indicator of where the player will hit. For example, when it is held up-right, the character executes a kick to up-right direction when the action button is pushed (4).

Pushing the Z-button in bottom makes the character draw melee weapon, a sword for example, and its action is executed with the action button. When equipped with sword and flying mid-air, waving the Wiimote would execute a spinning sword attack (5). When A is pushed in bottom and the player executes a 180 degree wave with the Wiimote, the character makes a powerful spinning kick (6). These kind of combinations could be used for a whole bunch of intuitive, character dependant moves.

Moving around

Because the character always faces to the direction of the cursor, moving backwards and forwards is very easy (7/8). The moving is executed with the analog stick of the nunchuk-controller. Pushing the analog stick up makes the player jump. Pushing the analog stick left/right slightly makes the character walk (7) and pushing it all the way makes the character run (8).


The aiming works for special weapons (fire balls, arrows, missiles etc.) in the same way (9). The character fires to the direction of the cursor. Aiming is easy from any position imaginable, be it mid-air, crouching, or running backwards. Fire is executed by pushing B-button in bottom and tapping A-button.

Other moves

C is used to block moves. Pushing C and A simultaneously executes a grabbing motion. D-pad is used for Smash-moves and the combination of analog stick, Z-button and A-button can be used for special moves assigned to B-button of GC-controller in Super Smash Bros Melee.

Here's the picture the numbers refer to:

What do you think? If you think optional Wiimote/nunchuk controls would be good for the game, you should start making noise about it so that the Nin-people notice this.