Bamboleo said:
Cactus said:
Bamboleo said:
If this was posted my a regular user would he be banned?

twesterm is a regular user.

Maybe the people who are bashing the topic creator thinking that he actually wrote this should be given warnings for flaming, but I don't see why posting a satirical article should be considered a bannable offense.

Yes I know, this is a destructoid article and very funny. But I'm just asking if this isn't reason for an epic ban here on vgchartz if posted by a regular user (non-mod, admin, etc)

If a user posts an article like this for a laugh or two, it would be fine. If they post it and compliment it with flamebait/trolling/etc, they would probably be banned. It's usually easy to spot the intent of the poster when they post articles like this, so those who have ulterior motives (to piss off other users purposefully) are usually weeded out. Also, twesterm isn't an admin anymore, so he counts as a regular user these days.