Please explain how cell is good doing AA resolve, with technical reasons, not with void words.

In the Halo3-Uncharted2 comparison, you're comparing a 2 years old game, with a rendering method that can't use AA, to a new game. You can't do AA with the HDR high exposure-low exposure lightning method used in Halo3, and using Halo3 to compare AA methods is a crappy way to try to say PS3 has an advantage doing AA. Halo 3 isn't rendering in 720p because of the same reason, the two exposure buffer method used. It's not a console limitation, it's an engine limitation. As always, trying to mislead.

Please don't derail the question and answer exactly to what is asked. Why do you say Cell is good doing AA resolve?

Maybe using a bigger, bolded font you see the question asked.