slowmo said:
Why would IBM cancel development on Cell CPU's anyway? Last time I checked IBM provide processors for multiple tasks and last time I checked there is some jobs the Cell is fantastic at, well ahead of other CPU types. I personally happen to think there is no way in hell we will see the PS4 sporting one but I think there is a lot of room in the video processing, server markets for the Cell among others.

I don't understand the aguments of the Cell being a stream processor or not, just reading your replies guys it seems quite clear technically it can be a stream processor, it's just not that effective as other solutions. Is this any surprise that one processor is less effective than another that is geared specifically for the task. I'll not get involved as I don't fancy joining you all in googling links to one up each other.

exactly...the classification of what a processor is is made by the team who design's it and create's it, it's not that hard to understand.

as for the PS4 sporting the Cell who know's? except Sony at this point their not saying, but If anything it should be fun learning what Sony does use in their next playstation.


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