blablubb said:


i get the feeling you ran out of arguments and you are starting to quote the top 5 google hits out of desperation.

btw. It's annoying to see you quoting all these WALLS, plz learn to reply.

ran out of argument's?

look, who ever you are which i do not know you at all, an this being the first instance between us in the forum, I am using FACT'S to back up my point in this debate. its not a wall of text just to be a wall of text. Its trying to teach some people on here what the Cell processor is an is not. If you would like to learn something keep reading if not, than that is you who is running out of argument's because if you have a valid reason why the Cell Processor is NOT a stream processor show me some information from say a PHD in computer science who happen's to be an expert in stream processor's. IF you cannot you may want to stay out of this one. 


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