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kirby007 said:
they aren't for free u must buy a ps3 first

That is a 350 dollar diffrence over the Wii. There are quite a few demos... let me list off what I can recall from the top of my head.

1Super Rub-a-dub, 2Resistance, 3Motorstorm, 4AC4, 5Ninja Gaiden Sigma, 6Everybodys Golf 5, 7Ridge Racer7,8CashGunsChaos, 9MLB2k7, 10GTHD, 11DefJamIcon, 12FullAutoBattlelines, 13Lemings, 14Genji, 15NBA07, 16F1Champiship, 17BlastFactor, 18GripShift.

That is roughly 17dollars per demo that I have on average, and more are coming continually.

There are close to 50 video (game) trailers. There are around 25 movie trailers, and almost 10 BluRay disc trailers.

I have access to all playstation network stores.

My demos on average, saying my PS3 costs 350$ more than the Wii, add all those demos together. I roughly get everything for 5$ more. And everything more that I get, I can get for cheaper... and cheaper... and cheaper.. But this is the average price, not the cost. As the demos are *free*

In 4 years when I have around 100 playable demos, 500 videos, and such. Each thing I've gotten costs well under 50cents, while your VC games cost 5-10$ each. :P

(this is more a review of demos released on the PSN) 

PSN ID: Kwaad

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