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Was this really necessary? Even all the threads about this quite plainly and obviously stated that while the Cell BE successor was officially stopped production, that did not mean the PS3 or other devices could not use a revised Cell. All they have to do is commission IBM to design it. The Cell architecture and aspects of the Cell will be used in future IBM products, but IBM will not be creating new "Cells". And since MikeB as well as his friends need some reassurance for their misunderstandings I'll clarify once more: This means they won't be making a DIRECT Cell successor with DIRECT Nomenclature (ie PoweXCell32) by themselves. Others can still have them design one for use. IBM will also be making new products using the ideas and architecture and elements of the Cell but they will not be Cell clones or successors. That's why it fits into the "Cell family" since they will share basic similarities but still be very different.

What a waste of time and a non-news story, MikeB.