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I think the power cap will start to become obvious by then (consoles powerful enough, etc). Things may change if we get a new radical (& affordable) tech - such as holographic projection, raytracing hardware, etc. All companies will start to focus more on smaller, portable devices - packed with power. Also look for more digital distribution, iTunes online style services, etc. So Sony may release a PSP2 - that can play PS2 games, etc. Its much easier for Nintendo to release a souped-up DSII or a WiiII - as the tech is there, and its a question of cost. I talked about this on another board, but I would love to see this in a DS II (and we may see it in 2-3 years, if not before!): - 5x-10x 3D power, 2x-3x CPU power (raw). - 16/32MB of RAM - bigger screens, higher resolution - support for multiple touch points (ala iPhone, etc) - much improved online support - full digital distribution. It may or may not come with a DS cart slot (backwards compat, increased cost), but it will be capable of downloading DS, GBA (and possibly other) handheld games and storing in Flash RAM (ala Wii). I would love to see a 3G/phone model as well - so you can access the web, call people, etc - anywhere (rather than just relying on a WiFi point). Ohh - add mobile VoIP to that list :)

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