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To predict what will happen nex-gen has something to do with what will happen this gen. This gen we will see all three systems coming to a nice three way split. Wii will be on top, with 360 and PS3 within 10m units. This will cause a few things. 1. I have said many times there will be a WiiHD . Basically take a 360 and add the Wii-mote and you will have Nintendo's next system. I say 360 because it will follow the same costs cutting areas to keep a sub $300 system w/ a pack-in game. - smaller HD (40g?) - DVD vs. BD/HD-DVD - Component vs. HDMI etc. 2. 360/PS3 will, again, do the same thing. Push to a higher level of graphics, however, not nearly the same jump as this gen. If fact it will be much, much easier for ports of these two to be really good on WiiHD. They will also try to get as close to a hybrid wii-mote and there own controllers as possible, so they can capitalize on the many unique Wii ip's. There systems will be smaller and overall cost around $400. As they will realize that the 360 entry point was better. Again the Wii will be less expensive and overall lower power machine, however, this time it will be more like the PS2 compared to the Xbox/GC than Wii to 360/PS3. Time frame is WiiHD in 5/6 years, and Xbox 3/PS4 in 7/8. They won't let Nintendo have too much of a head start, but I think a 2 year jump on the comp is one of the reasons Nintendo decided to skip HD with the Wii.