Mirson said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

PSN right now is flooded with newbs. Just figure them out and take them out. As you said, they will be using Alisa, Devil Jin, Christie, Eddy and other cheap characters. King is cheap as hell in this game. I no longer consider him a technical character. People use the same moves with him. I message some people and ask them why they play so cheaply, and most of them say its because they don't know how to do combos, parries or strafing so they survive off of special moves, trips and throws. Alisa is deathly cheap, I mean come on she flies around and has saws on her hands. LOL

Lars is a good character, he just has to be figured out because he attacks low and does a lot of spinning moves. I don't really get so much lag online because I connect my PS3 though Ethernet chord instead of using the wireless connect. The wireless advantage sounds nice with the P3, but its nothing compared to having the Ethernet chord connected. Whats your PSN account name?

My PSN is DJChuy

Yeah I use wireless (need it here). I was doing fine for the first few days, but after that, it was a disaster. I heard they're going to add online co-op. Badass if true. Just hope there isn't any lag there.

I've come up against everyone alot of different people but Eddy or Christie so far, so I think I'm avoiding spammers. I play online rarely, like you I need wireless. When I have played I've tried to counter for the lag but I end up not bothering because I end up getting beaten by people who seem to be less skilled then me (as in I can see what moves they are trying to do and block but the delay means I can't counter properly). I have played some online games and won them though.

EDIT: on a related to Tekken 6 but not related to the subject, does anyone know if they are going to introduce multiple profiles as were available for Tekken 5 and DR? As it seems a bit unfair when I can fit out my characters with all new moves because of extras while my mate foighting me cannot.

Hmm, pie.