Yes, that is right, I am at a point in my life where I have six options. But first, let me give you a few things to think about. 

I am married, have a 16 month old daughter, and another baby on the way. 

I am unemployed

I went to college to be a machinist and am still paying off those student loans

I love music, I play a few diferant instruments and have set up, fixed, and improved both my acoustic and my electric guitar.

So, I am a machinist by trade, I have three years under my belt, am fairly skilled (many times besting machinists many years my superior) and my resume has been padded nicely. 

However, my true passion lies in music, I have a burning desire to start a music store.

So, here are my options. 

I can, find a machining job in Minneapolis (where I lived up until three weeks ago)

I can find a machining job in Rochester (the area where I now reside)

I can find a machining job in Texas (where I REALLY want to live)

I can start a music store in Minneapolis

I can start a music store in Lanesboro (a small artsy town by my small town)

I can start a music store in Texas.


Help me choose!!!

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Don't forget your helmet there, Master Chief!