Mendicate Bias said:
code.samurai said:

If Namco wasn't too busy being money hatted by Micro$oft then they would have found the solution that would have made their pockets and everybody happy. Released the game in 2008 for PS3 then ported the game for X360 and released it 2009. They would have gotten all those huge sales numbers from PS3 and also gotten the smidge of sales from X360. The fans would have loved them and they would have profited.

The trouble is, Micro$oft is too smart and too rich for the optimal solution to have been reached. Micro$oft probably paid extra just to delay the PS3 version from being released and also to make it so that both versions were equal. Don't you just love Micro$oft? Always fucking around with their competitor's customers.

Are you serious? The sales for the PS3 version of Street Fighter 4 is 1.44 million and the sales for the 360 version is 1.28 million. They sold approximately the same so stop using bs facts for your arguments. If the PS3 version was finished first and would be superior if released exclusive then why does it have atrocious loading times in comparison to the 360 version? Your arguments are fanboy bs. Namco decided to release it multiplat on their own because it is obvious that the fighter genre is much weaker this gen than last. If you want to be blind and continue ignoring common sense be my guest. That fact that you don't understand that any serious fighter fan would have a arcade stick to use and would never use the standard console controller shows how lost you are.

Pfft, I have SF4 Tournament, HRAP3 and Tekken6 Limited wireless.  Assumption is the mother of all fuckups.  Dude, you must have been drunk when you quoted that, I didn't even mention SF4 in that entry.  Here let me help you.

code.samurai said:
Onyxmeth said:
Have you ever thought that the reason Namco made this decision was because they saw the sales parity of Soulcalibur IV and realized a one console approach with a late port to the other might be a mistake? It would seem to me if Microsoft was going to throw money at Namco they would have done what they did with Namco a dozen other times and get a year of exclusivity on the title. Isn't that what happened with Ace Combat, Katamari, Tales of Vesperia, Eternal Sonata, Culdcept Saga, etc.?

I can't imagine if a year delay and going multiplatform is what caused the fans to up and leave that Tekken ever had any fans at all. I don't expect Final Fantasy XIII to take a gigantic hit in sales because of it. Why? The series has fans. Fans stick around. I know it may come as difficult to believe, but maybe Tekken is just dying out and that's why it's selling like it is.

I never think about SCIV and Tekken comparisons, they're never spot on anyway.  SC has been more of Namco's multiplatform offering.  Anyway as you can see from the 1st week sales of both games, it is clear that fighting games is dying only in X360.  Maybe you've considered that it's because of their controller?  Nah you're right it must be the genre itself.  It's not like SF4, KoF and BlazBlue sold significantly more on PS3 than in X360 right?

Being a PS3 owner, I can honestly say that I tend to view multiplatform games to be of lower quality than exclusive games.  Not because I think PS3 is better but because the developers don't have to make them equal according to some clause that Micro$oft put in their fucking contract. (Pardon the french, I just hate Micro$oft's dirty business practices) With that said, I tend not to buy a game if it's multiplatform.

As for sales in general of this I am certain, if they released Tekken 6 with the game engine they had back in 2008 they would have moved PS3 hardware and would have sold significantly more over the period of time that it took to make the game multiplatform.  I also bet it would have looked way better than the X360 version.  Just look at the opening video for Tekken6:BR (included in the game) the video of the arcade version looks a lot better than the game itself.

Let me explain to you install base and adoption rate.  On 360, the kids love FPS but all other games on the other hand...  On second thought I'll let you figure that one out.  In any case Fighting games are dying on 360 because of its crappy d-pad.  This is well known.  I repeat, THIS IS WELL KNOWN.  If you're too drunk would attempt to argue I'll repeat it again, IT IS A WELL KNOWN ISSUE THAT X360'S CONTROLLERS ARE CRAPPY FOR FIGHTING GAMES.  To top that, Micro$oft has forbidden all 3rd party controller manufacturers from creating wireless controllers for 360.  "Great, exclaimed 360 owners, all that crappy d-pad and no wireless solution.  How the hell am I going to play this on my 56" Plasma TV and this stupid 3rd party wired controller."  Only recently when Namco got the rights to release a wireless fight stick did X360 get a wireless controller that can actually play fighting games.  Just read this 360-fan's post if you don't believe me.

numonex said:
Releasing Tekken 6 a year earlier as a PS3 exclusive would not of helped it at all. Tekken series is becoming stale and gamers have moved on. Tekken has had its day.

I returned Tekken 6 within a day because it was a terribly boring fighting game and it felt like it was Tekken 5. I expected much more from Tekken 6. The controls for this game were impossible to execute using the standard 360 controller. Only an arcade fighting stick could make this game playable. The graphics just looked like a slightly enhanced version of Tekken 5:DR. I did not play it online but the reviews on that are not good.

Dead or Alive 4, Soul Calibur IV, Street Fighter 4 and Virtua Fighter 5 are much better fighter games- IMO. The average reviews for those games are all higher than Tekken 6.

Oh and those games have boobs and leggy babes, tekken has only just a little of both.  Well except for Virtua Fighter, which is always crappy whatever its score.  I wonder how numonex thought he was qualified to compare Tekken 6 and Tekken 5:DR since he never owned T5:BR and HE ONLY GOT T6 FOR A SINGLE DAY!  His story is very unbelievable, at best, and quite bogus at worst.  Plus who the hell would trust a guy with that avatar?  Gah.

So Mendicate Bias, I just love the smell of your drunken posts in the morning.  It just reeks of the stupidity that people can hide when they are sober.  Cheers!