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I wouldn't go as far as saying the next Nintendo console won't support 1080p. In 3-5 years, Sony and M$ will be making money on the 360 and PS3 and the costs will probably be sub 300 maybe even 200 for the 360. Nintendo can easily adopt similar hardware used by Sony or M$, sell for the same $250 range and go for the cheapest console of next next-gen, turn a profit AGAIN on every console sold, and have the killer graphics we're seeing of this generation. Cross ports of 360 and PS3 games, like how Manhunt2 is going PS2 Wii, we could have Manhunt3/4 going PS3 Wii2.0 Add some more functionality or a new functionality to go with the wiimote and nunchuk, innovation + this gen graphics = pwn? Who knows, that's what I think will happen.