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Tekken 6 needed to go multi-platform so more Tekken fans could well buy Tekken 5 for the third time. Tekken 5 launched back in 2005. Not all PS2 owners bought a PS3 this generation a lot of them have bought 360s or Wiis. Anyway Namco want to sell as many copies as possible to the video gaming community. Selling Tekken 6 on a user base of almost 60 million systems combined PS3 and X360 is a lot better than selling it on a user base of 26 million = PS3 only.

Was it worth buying Tekken 6? Considering the critics regard it as the third version of Tekken 5. Tekken 5, Tekken 5:DR and now Tekken 6:BR. The costumes of the characters in Tekken 6:BR look very similar to Tekken 5:DR. The graphics in Tekken 6:BR look worse than Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur IV. The gameplay in Tekken 6 may well be the same trusty reliable Tekken style fighting. The online component of Tekken 6 has been a disaster.