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PlaystaionGamer said:
@ Selnor: mmm i trust you mate but u did say you where never a huge fan of tekken, but what you are saying about the graphics worries me, im not a graphocs whore but i want it to look good

@ Staude: thanks for taking the time to write all that man! is really helpfull! i only really want it to pick up and play but i will give the story mode a go
also what do you mean no offline co-op? so i cant play it with a mate in the same room? or is it just in story mode. If i cant play with my mates and family i 100% wont get it lol

there are so many mixed views on this game its worrying lol

I cant omment on any modes, as I havent played it long enough to dig deep. But my first impressions were is this a PS2? I am a big Soul Calibur fan and enjoy fighting games. But I was put off by the 5 or 6 fights I had on Tekken 6. At this time in the industry my money is much better spent elsewhere.

EDIT: I was considering to buy for 360. Not now.