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My viewpoint on this issue is very extreme, so read this at your own risk.

I say we just cut off food supply from the poor and let them die. They're obviously not contributing to society at the current state they're in (jobless, often with several kids) and are only hurting the economy.

Is that sarcasm or are you a republican? :P

Neither. I just despise freeloaders. Especially the local Hispanics who have children every 2 years (seriously, if you ask how old their kids are they're all almost EXATLY 2 years apart. The most I've seen like this is 8) so they can stay on the program.

That sounds kinda racist, but about having a lot of kids you should take your argument to the Catholic church who tells them not to use condoms and a lot of thoe immigrants work harder than the majority of people, but actual free loaders (that aren't contributing in labor or in other ways) are a negative. Also, there are a lot of white families on welfare with a lot of kids out there too.

I can see how it can come off as racist. It wasn't, was just an observation. I actually did a report for sociology once and had to survey ethnic groups. I just dug out my work and here's what I got:


On Welfare:


African Americans

1-3 Children: 1

4-6 Children: 2

7+ Children: 0



1-3 Children: 0

4-6 Children: 3

7+ Children: 4



1-3 Children: 3

4-6 Children: 0

7+ Children: 0


Granted, this is all just sample data. Plus, my local city has very few African Americans (Maybe 10%) with Hispanics/Whites divided evenly (40% each) and misc. for the remaining ~10%.