nofingershaha said:
my guess

Gears 3 for 2011
FF13 versus (if FF13 does well in the west, and that is if they release it in time)
Natal Launch titles with core games that would support it
Bungie New IP (or another Halo)
Avatars become more PSN Homelike
Youtube-like Support for custom vids of games (or just Youtube)

Who here feels Ken Kutaragi should have called the 360 a computer instead of the PS3, after all it is becoming more like it.

Natal titles that core games support will definetly be announced, we already know of one - Fable III.

I also think that the Avatar's are going to used in a more "PSN Home" way. I actually welcome the idea, but Microsoft has to do it right. I don't want to launch into a "now installing/loading" infested open area. Nice little "Community Spaces" (as i dub it) would be great.

Your the first person that i've seen mention Youtube-esque/Youtube support. I hadn't even thought of that. It'd be a really welcome addition if they could implement it right into the firmware, so it's supported by every game regardless of release.

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