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shio said:
nightsurge said:
shio said:
nightsurge said:
Ail said:
shio said:
Ail said:

You might want to wake up from whatever imaginary world you are living in...

The first 2 months CoD4 released it sold 3 million units in the US on the 360 and 353k units on the PC in the US at retailers.

That does not take into account Steam, but last I checked Steam didn't have a 50% marketshare for PC sales....


More recent information :

Last May Activision Publishing CEO announced that CoD4 had sold over 13 million copies over all platforms.

PS3 + 360 sales at that time were around 12 million.

So that's 1 million PC sales. Not exactly 10 millions eh ?( and if you still find that odd compared to the number of ppls playing it online on the PC, Infinity Ward has already stated they have noticed that the majority of people playing it online on PC were using a pirated version...)

Let me address you to this post, and let you eat your own words:


And I don't even know why you brought up the piracy issue. I'd expect a great deal of them to not buy many games. It's a good thing that there's over 300 millions PC gamers.



Yeah, you're rigfht and the Activision exec is lying through his teeth . You obviously know a lot better how much CoD4 sold than the giuy whose job it is to track this 

What was I thinking ?

/sarcasm off

Exactly.  Shio will never accept that PC gamers are full of pirating jerks and that's why developers and sales on PC are dropping so much lately in favor of consoles.  Oh and I love how he still links people to his thread of rampant speculation to refer to it as proof. 

I'd say there are probably about 1 million legitimate PC sales of CoD and the rest are all pirated (probably a good million+ of pirated users).  I was on CoD4 on PC the other day and was shocked to see how few servers there were compared to games like Counter Strike Source.  The online community in CoD4 on PC is so much smaller than any other PC FPS I have ever played (CS Source, Call of Duty[the original], BF 1942, BF 2)

@Ail and nightsurge, it's obvious you 2 didn't even read the post I linked, yet you replied anyway. Then I'll give you the gist of the post I linked.



I have read it.  And it is what I said it is.    Sure it may not be as low as just 1 million copies, but it sure as heck isn't anywhere near what you think it is either.  Rampant piracy made sure of that.  I'd say at best the PC version has about 3-4 million actual retail/dd sales total.

COD is dead on PC (compared to it's glory days) and will only continue to shift to consoles more and more.

So tell me, where did those 2.4 millions from the 7 millions of COD4 go to? If it didn't go to Consoles, where did it go? Explain that to me.

But you have no idea where that 2.4 millions went to either, nor do you even have anything other than pure speculation as to why there would be a 2.4 million discrepancy.  You are speculating beyond speculation to try and decypher the regions that are included with their data as opposed to the regions included in VGChartz data, etc. etc. etc.

You can only speculate.  Do you not realize that is entirely what you are doing?  Until you can actually PROVE something, you need to give it a rest and accept the fact that COD is dying on the PC as well as most other popular games.  PC gamers are shifting to MMO's and small flash web games.  Piracy mostly to blame.