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"When I first came to VGchartz, I had low expectations about this site and didn't have much interest. Afterwhile, I began to like this website for always having the latest news in gaming and for just being a great community. I learn so much about video games because of this website. This knowledge vgchartz gave me made me a better gamer but most importantly a better person. I've learned to grow as a person because of the people on this website. They have taught me so much. Thats how this show was created. It was created because of the knowledge each and every one of you VGchartz users gave me. I wanted to give back to you guys something you could have on this site as your own. Creating Real Talk with Snake612 was my way of giving back to the vgchartz world and saying "thank you". This show became popular because of every single vgchartz user who continued to post in every single thread. Thank you guys for everything and for keeping this show alive for this long. I want to thank NikkoM for being a incredible creative designer for the show. Thank you for making the logo of the show. Thank you for making those Real Talk promos. I wish the best for you and hope you have a speedy recovery from your accident. Special Thanks to all the VGchartz users I have ever interviewed on this show: TheRealMafoo,The Ghost of RubangB,SaviorX,Soriku,psrock,Kirby007,Kantor,darthdevidemon and many others. Thank you to everyone who has ever contributed to this show. I thank you all! Good luck to darth on season 3 of unreal talk in 2010. Thank you vgchartz for letting me create a show that gave vgchartz "a voice". Always be Real. Thank you and goodnight and for the final time I will say "NOW THATS REAL!!!!""

I like that

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