2010 is shaping up to be a really strong year for the 360, ill respective of what happens on the other console...I think, without a doubt, Natal is going to be the 4-5 line-upbatter...there is SO much hype around it, at this point, that if it delivers, it's going to be Huge, but they bring another tech demo to E3...it's going to be the titanic, and I am not talking about the movie. At E3, M$ needs to not only have a cool launch app, but they need to have some exclusive apps that really stand this thing apart from what others will have to offer. Over the last 2 years, M$ has spent ALOT of money on R&D, and I've been point it out...now it's time for that money to deliver.

There's other stuff, like Mech Warrior and "secret Rare project" waiting in the wings as well.

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