"I can't see Madden Natal or Fifa Natal selling well at all if it happened but I guess it depends on the quality of it. Guitar Hero...are you serious? Kay honestly how would you incorporate GH into Natal? Just pretend to hold a guitar? You'd look like an idiot lol."


First of All, do you know why sports game never really sell or play that well on the WII? that is because most sports requires body, arms and leg movement. For Fifa, imagine having the opportunity to move with your virtua avatar and simulate real life..I know it will never be the same thing but it will be the closest thing to virtua reality for a sport like Soccer/futball.

Oh music games like Guitar Hero and Rock band, the Plastic instument will still be use but you get extra star power with your avatar by doing head banging and move like a real rockstar by jumping up and down and stuff like that.

Who say you cannot combine other control with the Natal camera sensor.