I think I have found the Perfect vision/gamplan for X360 in 2010 based on the resources at their disposal.

Jan = Mass Effect 2 (perfect way to start the New Year with the best WRPG IMO)

Feb = Splinter Cell Conviction (The delay might be of benefit for Microsoft as it give them a certified AAA franchise in Feb)

Mar = Unleash Alan Wake (A great way to counter God of War 3)

April/May = Unload Crackdown 2 (The perfect Late Spring/Early Summer Blockbuster ala inFamous/prototype, with great 4 player co-op)

Jun = Release Natal with A killer lineup of games (Demostrate Natal and the games at E3, then announce it will be launch in JUN with a lineup of games)

July = The first Natal Killer App (Not AAA, but a console seller (a casual game ie. Wii Fit or Wii Sports to attract the soccer moms and wii crowd))

Aug = The Annual Madden 2011 Launch but with Natal Control that set it apart from the competitor.

Sep/Oct = New slim redesigned X360 package with Natal is release with price cut all across the board.

I see 2 Skus availble: Elite/Natal with 250-500g HDD for $350; X360/Natal combo with built in Flash drive for $250

Sep = Halo Reach arrives (Biggest Marketing for a videogame in history) / Guitar Hero 6 with Natal Support

Oct = Set loose Fable 3 (Games will be coming closer to Peter M. vision) / Fifa 2011 with Natal Control

Nov = Gears of War 3 (This is the wild card. If this game is release, then the rumored resistance 3 and/or KZ3 2010 release for PS3 will be forgotten)

Dec = welcoming Milo and Kate (This could be the next big thing if all that was demoed at E3 is even 1/2 possible).



So, there you have it, my 2010 dream lineup for X360. Don't laugh but this could happen. If it does, then Microsoft is in a pretty good position to dominate (well in the West anyways as Japan is a lost cause) in 2010.