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It was another odd scene in the hospital that found zexen_lowe standing over darthdevidm01's dead body.  He turned as the sounds of footsteps came from behind him.  He looked relieved to see the person coming from the shadows.  "Thank goodness you're here, I don't know what happened but..." before zexen_lowe could even finish the stranger pulled out a gun and shot him on the spot.

Meanwhile in another part of the city, Final-Fan calmly sat in his evening chair in front of the fireplace on the cold eve reading.  He didn't even blink an eye as he heard living room glass shatter from behind and a large thud of something entering shook the room.  He already knew it was a werewolf coming to take his life.  Before the insomniac17 even had time to rise, the main entry doors to the room flew open. supermario128 emerged from the doorway to take in the scene.  He looked over to insomniac17 and chuckled, "Good evening brother."

insomniac17 snarled, "This is my prey brother."  insomniac17 savagely leapt toward Final-Fan but supermario128 was faster pulling out his tommy gun and spraying Final-Fan's still sitting form with bullets.  insomniac17 made it to the chair just in time to see a small object drop from Final-Fan's lifeless hand.  With that, the world exploded into flames.

Some distance away, officer Erin was fumbling for the keys to her car when a loud explosion shook the neighborhood.  Seconds after the house across the street exploded debris from the explosion crash-landed on her car.  It was totaled.

"I hate this town!"

Day 3 begin