Hi guys, I'm sure you've all been wondering where I've been for the past several months. The summer was kinda busy because I was living at my parents place and working at a museum. It was pretty nice, but probably not too interesting to anyone.

The big news is that I'm currently spending a year as an exchange student in Kanazawa, Japan. Basically I'm studying Japanese in Japanese and all kinds of Japanese related of culture etc things in English. Not going to speed up my degree by a whole lot, but maybe it'll all help in me something someday. The city is basically the biggest and fanciest that nobody in the West has ever heard of, and never got bombed in the war, so it's quite a treat.

Not only have the changes in my schedule forced me to cut the amount of time spent on the internets, I'm pretty exclusively a PC gamer these days, so getting into the console vs console business that this place thrives on has lost a lot of its charm. Maybe I'll ask for hints about what wacky crazy DS games to get, as buying on is pretty much obligatory here. ^^

Anyhow, be sure to follow my blog. It's in English and contains lots of pictures, so no PhD in Fenno-Ugric linguistics or proper attention span is required. The URL is http://gojira-de-aru.livejournal.com/