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I wouldn't want to talk over my games SFX and I dont play with the sound loud. I'd still need to be louder and more distinct. I think VR in game will be glitchy. I think VR will be mainly used for menus.

How would VR be for people moving a lot? Like if you were out of breath. Just moving a little and talking even if you arent getting tired and exhausted you can still be winded and have some pants between words.

I live in a 3 bedroom ranch house. The furnace is in the middle of the house. Basically in between the living room and bedrooms. It's loud. I always need to turn up my tv to hear it when its on. I'd need to scream for VR to pick it up over the furnace and TV. If my family is doing laundry than thats another thing that NATAL would pick up since the washer and dryer are immediatly in the next room. I don't think VR will be a good substitute for buttons.