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lanjiaona said:

When Nintendo first shown to the world, back in 2005, what their ideas of what gaming should be about, everyone in the world pointed and laughed in their faces. Claims that it would be "gimmicky" and that it was quickly dismissed by many gamers. However, fast forward a little bit and gamers, as well as developers, finally saw the potential of the strange little device.

Yet, even with people now warming up to the Wii remote, developers, gamers and publishers were uneasy by the trend Nintendo had suddenly taken. Of course, being rival companies, both Sony and Microsoft bashed Nintendo for their radical change in prospective. They were all like "we have better graphics so people will hate your console" (they were very child-like about it in my opinion), yet I'm sure that both companies knew Nintendo were on to something.

The Wii was finally released, and then the potential was finally realised, and Nintendo were rolling in the cash. Sony and Microsoft both wanted in.

Fast forward about 3 years and E3 2009 took place. Rumours had been flying around about the two other companies about the direction they would take in terms of gaming, and out of the two, Microsoft shocked crowds more than Sony did with their little stick.

Project Natal was finally announced and, to be quite honest, made the world stop and listen. The new premise was something new and exciting. It may of started out looking like Sony's Eye Toy, but it soon became apparent that it was so much more.

Microsoft demoed the new device using various tech demos, and it shown gamers a brand new dimension of gaming. The idea of the Wii remote to help immerse yourself in the game by doing the actions on screen in real -life, but Microsoft went even further: they made YOU part of the game.

To help break down why I believe (remember, this is my opinion) Project Natal will be better than the competitions, I've split it into 2 sections: "Project Natal Vs. The Wii Remote" and "Project Natal Vs. The PlayStation Motion Controller".

Yes, I know all three are very different in what they do and how they change the way that we play games, but I still think that Natal will better them all.

Wow, that's a pretty bold statement considering there hasn't been a single GAME announced for it yet. In my personal opinion, Natal will be a massive flop. MS is more hype and marketing than they are substance...