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Now... what if the battle is to the right of me... How do I get there? I assume the logical explination would be turn right and start walking that way... but now I'm not facing the tv... so now I turn left to face the tv to battle... but now I'm not facing the battle and am getting shot to death... but it's okay because I can take one step and be 200 feet away. Phew that was close. Oh... and a living room is like 14x12 feet. I'd say that a couch against the wall and the TV/entertainment center would take up a good amount of that 14 feet. So 10 feet is generous. Now... the other 12 feet? If the map was a square 1k by 1k than that means you only have 6 feet to move left and right. So one step there would be over 200 feet!

Only way a shooter would work is on rails. And you stand in one place... I mean. You wouldnt even be able to set up props... unless the cover you just left magically appears in front of you.