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so it scales the batlefield eh? lets say the battle is 1000 feet ahead of me. My living room is 10 feet from my TV to the back wall. So lets say I'm all the way against the back wall (alread sounds restrictive) I take 5 paces and I alread ran 1000 feet in the game. wow. my character sure runs really fast. I mean... 1 pace = 200 feet... So with 1 pace i skip... 200 feet... so within that 1 pace... there was no enemy within 200 feet of me... 1000 feet isnt far either. Less than a fifth of a mile. Its a reasonable distance. And 10 feet is assuming nothing (like a couch) is in my way.

'Anyway, after 5 paces I am now on top of my tv and I cant see the screen and natal cant pick up my movements anymore.