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ironman said:
Homeroids said:

Again, you can't do a 12 move combo. Of course they have to simplify it but this is how it was "marketed".

Fighting games work with dexterity of the traditional button controller and joy stick. Like I said, I can see great applications for where Natal will shine but you can't convince me that it will replace traditional controller.

It's simply less versatile. Not because it is technologically inferior. It's technological superior, for what it does. I just think it's delusional if one thinks Natal is as versatile as a game controller.

I see the wand style controllers as evolutionary but still having more versatility than Natal but still less versatility than the traditional style controller.

This is just my opinion - I don't expect you to agree with it.

So to quote you, "I suspect movements will be simplified. Do you honestly thinl MS has not thought about this?"

All I can say is I hope so and you would think so. Obviously the group that is designing Natal are smart. I just hope common sense comes along with it, as well.

I don't remeber seeing it "marketed"  as though one must do fighting moves verbatum. Sure some of the simpler moves that really don't take much, but show me where a 12 move combo was advertised to "need" a 12 move combo input. 

If you agree with my statement, then why did you even bother posting yours? That's a little deceitful if you ask me.

You're kidding me? Why are you being so sensitive? I intentially put inverted comma's around the word "marketing" which means implied marketing.


Again it's just my opinions. You are talking about deceit? Who's trying to be deceitful? All I said is that when I saw the "promotional" (can I even use that word without other things being read into?) of the Natal product and seeing the kid doing the Kung Fu, it came off to me (I stress, "to me") that that was just BS. Not BS in that Natal is not capable of tracking the movement but BS as in I can't see that sort of application seriously applied to a game like SFIV. I never said that MS/Natal was saying that it could be used to do a 12 move combo. My point is that I can't see Natal being applied for a 12 move combo.


The same is true in the promotional video when I saw a pretend steering wheel. Why would I choose that over a steering wheel peripheral?


In other words, the application of Natal in an advanced fighter game (or driving simulator control) is limited by virtue that we are not as dexterous as say, Bruce Lee. I am not trying to be a wanker or trying to be deceitful when I say this.


It's that simple.