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The Natal video was fake. Does anybody really expect to scan a skateboard to create a virtual skateboard? That is never going to happen. It will be cheaper, easier, faster, and better to just select a skateboard program or say "skateboard" or something. There is no reason to actually buy a skateboard and hold it up to the camera. That was just bells and whistles for their neato sci-fi concept video that won't actually be realized. Microsoft makes these videos all the time.

Or who knows, maybe Natal will be magic, and Milo will be able to read our minds and be Molyneux's "true AI" that he claims he's created every 2 years, and then Microsoft will actually do everything in this video by the year 2019:

I love new control methods, and I will try several of them on Natal, but I'm not buying any of this hype until I can touch the thing. And so far racing without a controller doesn't add anything to the racing experience. Are you going to do complex finger poses (like Naruto jutsus or something) to shift gears, shoot weapons, drift, or change cameras?