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Any word on multiplayer? (I don't think it's in but I thought I'd ask because you mentioned "other game modes." Being able to play co-op in this game would be amazing and add all kinds of fun to the Zelda formula... Demons' Souls, also by From Software, gained so much from having a coop mode. Even just being able to go into a quick deathmatch with your leveled up character would be amazing.)

For me, the hype is slowly building at this point, because I'm pretty sure an English release is at least seven or eight months away, but it's going to become an obsession once we get a release date. I've got a special place in my brain reserved for being excited about this game... I think it's just that kind of game. I'm not excited because it's going to get me an RPG fix, or an action game fix. I'm just excited for the game itself -- I don't even care how good the take on Zelda's gameplay is, I just want to play the game in all of its unique zaniness.