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Games that released in the same time frame unchared 2 is

Uncharted 1 sold 749k b4 07 ended released late 11 to 12/07

COD4 sold 1.mill b4 07 ended released 11/07

AC sold 1.7mill b4 07 ended released 11/07

Thats all with a 8mill userbase


CODwaw sold 2.3mill b4 08 ended released 11/08

LBP sold 1.6mill b4 08 ended released 11/08

R2 sold 1.2mill b4 08 ended released 11/08

L4D sold 1.3mill b4 08 ended released 11/08 with low EU support behind it and around the same user base the ps3 will have this year

Thats all with a 19mill userbase


The EU Bundles

Its rumored that EU will be getting a 120g Slim U2 bundle and a 250g U2 bundle supply #s are unknown


The Game

Uncharted 2 is getting stellar reviews and i believe EDGE will give it a 9 or higher it even got a review of 21/20 thats insane the game features online play and new stealth tactics

U2 will be releasing way earlier than the 1st one did and all the other games that ive in the tips section its release date is 10/13-16/09 WW this means it will have more time to rack up sales b4 09 ends and will be included in the NA black friday holiday and it will have a 24-30mill userbase to sell to this holiday season



going by all that data i personally think it will hit 1.8-1.9mill b4 the years up but did want the thread title to say that b/c it doesnt sound dangerous and considering the margin of error thats pretty close to 2mill,  I see alot of people saying U2 will only sell 2-3mill lifetime thats insane considering 1.5mill is guaranteed b4 09 ends


post wat u think U2 will sell WW b4 09 ends and ur reasoning behind it

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