Thatmax said:
JEDE3 said:
Thatmax said:
10 days suspension??? for unprovoked assault! .... wow.

To harsh or not harsh enough?

no way near harsh enough, in my old school if you are in sixth form and you are in a fist fight you are expelled no questions asked (not that that stopped many people lol)

Ok then. I agree. Suspensions are fucking stupid. Schools don't know how to deal with kids so they send them away. I would get suspended all the time for ditching school. When the dean would hand me the notice I'd say "Oh man... Thanks. I don't want to go to school and you are allowing me to do that. This isnt a punishment. Its a gift. I shall enjoy my days off without being annoyed by you send cops to the house and calling my phone all day long"

There has got to be something that is an actual punishment that kids wouldnt want to do.