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Who Will Sell More From Sept- Dec 2009 Worldwide, NA, EU, and JP Whatever!


I feel the holiday wars have just begun with the 360 and ps3 gettin price drops almost on the exact week.  Usually the holiday war started around nov or oct thats wen the HDs would drop there price keep that in mind wen looking at the graphs.  B/C of this i feel which ever console does better starting from the 1st week of sept it will continue its momentum throughout the holiday season so this month that we're in is very important on deciding the HD console sales war this year.

I would like to know out of the PS3 and 360 which one do u think will sell more worldwide from sept to end of dec and in each region u can break it down by saying ps3 or 360 will sell more 10 out of the 17 weeks in a particullar region or watever u want



Numbers from 2007 WW PS3 won 7 out of 17 weeks

Numbers from 2007  NA PS3 won 6 out of 17 weeks

Numbers from 2007 EU PS3 won 12 out of 17 weeks

Numbers from 2007 JP   PS3 won every week besides 1


Prices Back Then


449$ 349$ 279$

£299€449  £249€349  £179€269

47,800yen 34,800yen  27,800yen


499$ $399

£425€599 then £299€399

54,980yen  44,980yen  39,980yen


Numbers from 2008 WW PS3 won 0 out of 17 but was close 2 times

Numbers from 2008 NA PS3 won 0 out of 17 weeks

Numbers from 2008 EU PS3 won 3 out of 17 weeks

Numbers from 2008 JP  PS3 won 9 out of 17 weeks


Prices Back Then


399$ 299$ 199$

£229 €299  £169€239  £129€179

39,800yen  29,800yen  19,800yen


499$ 399$

£349€449 £299€399

44,980 yen 39,980yen


Prices Now


199$ 299$

£199 €249  £159 €199

29,800yen 19,800yen




£249 €299

29,980 yen


Major SW Releases


Halo ODST 9/22 NA 9/27 EU 9/24 for JP

Forza 3 10/22 JP 23rd EU 10/27 NA

MW2 11/10 NA EU

AC2 11/17 NA 11/20 EU

L4D2 11/17 NA EU



Africa 9/22 NA

Nija Gaiden 2 9/29 NA 10/1 JP and EU

U2 10/13 NA 10/15 JP EU TBA

Rachet and Clank 10/27 NA 28 EU

MW2 11/10 NA EU

AC2 11/17 NA EU


Other Noteables for both HDS  FIFA 10


I believe that the PS3 will sell more from sept to dec of 09 i think it will sell around 1.4mill more than the 360 not including if gt5 and FF13 come out. I think that it will outsell the 360 in Total EU every week maybe the 360 will get 2-3 weeks with Halo and Forza. In Japan i think its no contest PS3 every week and in NA i think the ps3 will win 7-8 weeks out of the total 17. We allready now that next week ps3 will win in NA and JP so thats 1 down for those regions






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